Tokyotrad is agency of international transaction on Mukoyoshi Yuboku's Buddhism sculptures.
Tokyotrad is also selling other Buddhism items (incl. antiques) at eBay (ID: tokyotrad).
Tokyotrad is Top-rated seller. (4% of all seller at eBay)
day off : Friday
Location3 Tennoudai Abiko-shi Chiba 270-1143 JAPAN
Contact usif you have any question, please let us know
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Skype: tokyotrad
List PriceDecision by negotiation, and by the current price.
We present an estimated cost in advance. or buyer presents buyer's budget first.
* Transfer fees are included.
Charges (handling)Shipping cost
(We can't take the responsibility about customs.)
PaymentBasically, lump-sum payment.
(You can buy it by installments, then Payment method is Paypal only)
Paypal, International Postal Money Order, Money Order (Bank), Bank Transfer
Shipping MethodEMS, FedEx, UPS, DHL
(If the sculpture's weight is light, EMS would be the most cheap)
Completion TimeDepending on sculpture's size, and Kentaro's circumstances.
(If you ordered normal sized sculpture (1shaku), handling time would be approx. two weeks - one month.)