We explain about flow of purchase.
Mukoyoshi's sculptures are all custom-made. So, you need to get the flow like this.

Please send order or request with below.
If we received your order or request, we would response next actions.

Tokyotrad's Mail Form

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1. Request Estimated cost Please ask us about Buddhism sculpture what you want.
Or, also you can tell us your budget and the delivery date first..
2. Show Estimated cost
We will answer the estimated cost and the delivery date.
3. Contract & 1st payment You and we make a contract. (see sample contract)
And you pay 1st payment (Divide payment into three times about payment). 
After that, Mukoyoshi begins to produce it.   
4. Progress Report We send you progress report with DVD-R.
(The DVD-R contains 500 photographs about product process)
5. 2nd payment
You pay 2nd payment after confirm progress report.
6. Nortification of Finish We will tell you notification of finish. And we will tell you the rest of cost.
(including shipping cost)
7. Last payment
You pay the last payment.
8. Shipment
We will ship your item after receive your payment.
9. Arrive 
The transaction will be end.

Please sample contract.

1. Payment is on a yen (JPY) basis. (We do not accept with other currency)
2. If the troubles happened between you and us, arbitration draft (solution) is made by the Japanese court based on the Japanese law.
3.  You have to pay within two weeks, if you received payment reminder.
4.  We can't take the responsibility about customs

See also "About tokyotrad (agent)"

Q. What is "Shaku"?
A. We're using Shakkan-hou (the old Japanese measurement). 1shaku = 30.3cm = 11.9inches. 

Q. Please tell me approximate market price.
A. 3,000,000 - 6,000,000JPY (approx.). In the case of 1shaku (11.9inches) tall with Kirikane (gold leaf)
-- If you want to temple or museum size, the price would be more than this.

Q. Please tell me approximate shipping cost.
A. Generally, the box size of temple sized sculpture would be 108cm (42.5 inches) tall and 18kg (39.9 lb).
--So, the shipping cost would be 400,000 JPY. If your item got existing box, the price would be 200,000 JPY.
--This prices are expectations.
--(If 1shaku size would be not so expensive more than that)

Q. Please tell me the reason why payments are divided into three times
A. Because We want you to confirm with us. And because it takes one year till finish genarally.
--Of course, you can lump-sum payment.

Q.What kinds of payment method can you accept?
A. We can accept Paypal, IPMO (International Postal Money Order), MO (Money Order by Bank) and Bank
--transfer. But, payment is on a yen (JPY) basis (transfer fees are included).

Q. Please tell me approximate completion time
A. If the sculpture is small, handling time would be several months. If it isn't, it would be one year (approx.).

Q. Please tell me the reason why the price is expensive.
A. The timber is Kiso-Hinoki (Japanese cypress). This timber is the most high-rank one which grow naturally
---at Kiso distict. Moreover, this timber is restricted to cut.
--Kirikane is 99.9% gold leaves from Kaga district. This material is also super high-rank one.
--You can see the product process is sophisticated and astounding works.
--Mokoyoshi's works would remain in history. And it's museum levels.
--Please see also "Production Process"

Q. I can not assemble the sculpture by myself.
A. If you can't do it, we send assembling expert.

Q. Is it impossible to visit to Japan, and his studio?
A. No problem. You are welcomed!