Kamon (family crest) are Japanese heraldic symbols.
In Europe, only the privileged classes were allowed having the crest. On the other hand, every family have Kamon regardless of position in Japan. And every Kamon have meaning. 5,116 kinds of Kamon are confirmed now.

The History :
The roots of Kamon is noble class in Heian period. They put a mark on their oxcart to distinguish between own family and others.

When Samurai appeared on Japanese history, then Kamon were used as a mark to distinguish between own troops and others. At that time, the number of Kamon was increased, because Samurai used some kinds of Kamon between public and private matters.

Tokugawa Ieyasu appointed to Shogun in A.D. 1603, Edo period began.
Edo administration ordered common people not to use family name. From that reason, Kamon was needed to distinguish between own family and others among people. So the number of Kamon was increased more.

In A.D. 1868, the class system was abolished by modernization, everybody allowed using family name again. However the culture of Kamon have stayed alive to the present. You can see kamon at ceremonial occasions or tomb stone in Japan.

Kamon is free whether or not use it. That's no problem on combining some designs or creating new Kamon and changing design. For example, company's logo, trademark of your own etc...
Louis Vuitton's monogram was influenced by these design of Kamon.

We can provide Kamon made of Mizuhiki (traditional mascot things technique continuing for 400 years). About Mizuhiki (SEE ALSO)

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Following Kamon are famous Samurai's. It's very popular one.
Date Masamune
Oda Nobunaga
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Tokugawa Ieyasu
Takeda Shingen
Uesugi Kenshin
Ohishi Kura-no-Suke (47 ronin)
(Migii Futatsudomoe)
Akechi Mitsuhide
((mizuiro) Kikyo)
Tohdoh Takatora & Matsudaira Family

It's one of popular Kamon that is making a design of flower of wisteria.
Talking of Fuji, we have tendency to think about noble class, Fujiwara family. However this family crest is used among common family (Descendants of Fujiwara seldom use this design.).
It's one of popular Kamon that is making a design of paulownia tomentosa.
Originally, this design was one of two Emperor's Kamon (existing Imperial Kamon is chrysanthemum (KIKU) only). This design was given to Shogun and Toyotomi Hideyoshi from Emperor. In Edo period, common people used it to take after Toyotomi Hideyoshi's good luck. Because Toyotomi Hideyoshi had succeeded to super ruler of Japan from poor peasants.
It's also symbol of the Prime minister of Japan.
It's one of popular Kamon that is making a design of hawk wings.
This design have varied (lined wings, crossed wings etc...).
In Edo period, many Samurai had tendency to choose this design.
At present, I don't know reason why, but we can see this design at many Sushi restaurant in Japan.
It's one of popular Kamon that is making a design of bird's nest.
The founder had wished that their descendant would get flourish.
This design have varied.
It's one of popular Kamon that is making a design of flower of oxalis corniculata.
The founder had wished that their descendant would get flourish. Because oxalis corniculata is fertile plant. This design used many families regardless of classes.
In these days, this design is becoming popular. Because three hearts shapes are associated with LOVE.

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